The headquarters and production facilities of the company Creta Drop are located in Spata in Attica, a suburb east of Athens, next to the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport.

Since its opening in 1995, the private plant for the standardization and the bottling of olive oils and seed oils has been operating incessantly with state-of-the-art machinery of high standards. The olive oils and seed oils of the company Eleourgia Kritis go through a rigorous processing and control procedure. They are collected and stored in stainless steel tanks, then filtered with modern technology filters and finally standardized with all terms of modern hygiene, in automatic production lines.

At the same time, the constant investments for the improvement of the production and the training of the staff to the new technologies give potential to the company Creta Drop and make its products very competitive in terms of price and quality, resulting to the increase of their reputation in the buyers.

In the large factory complex of the company Creta Drop, there are co-located the commercial operations with the accounting department, the customer service center and the group of salesmen who are in daily contact and cooperation with the wholesale and retail customers. In fact, the company has managed to serve 95% of the clients with deliveries within 24 hours from the order, based on the excellent distribution network with privately-owned trucks but also the long-term experience of its executives in the olive oil trade sector.